o0mBBS Forum revisited

  • o0mBBS is now part of Simple ASP CMS by ASP Source Community

Deeply improved and integrated with the the CMS. Try It you will not regret this

Simple ASC CMS

Or download It stand alone.

Happy to commuticating to all ASP lovers it dramatically improved with Forum categories statistics and many other features.

My version is improvement of 0.65b version created by David Crosbie, it is a mix of VBScript and JScript(the last is my preferred scripting language) and jQuery also. Indeed iIt's now a new project with many other features.
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(in red my mods, others are not present, as I will put them if I have time for develop)
  • Forum Categories
  • Forum description
  • Forum moderation(1 only moderator for now)
  • Forum statistics in real time
  • Captcha Security Code
  • Avatar users
  • Captcha Security Code
  • Password Encryption
  • Last posts (with jquery)
  • Today Topics
  • User control panel(with jquery)
  • User form improved
  • Admin control panel(created by me from scratch)
  • Search posts

All features are developed by me or taken from script Open Source or freeware.



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  • Unpack o0mBBS.rar
  • Place in a directory under wwwroot of IIS
  • Modify Connect.inc to reflect Database Path(warning: put absolute path of Database)

Administrator enter with:
userid: admin
password: alex

Remember to grant write permission on Avatar folder, and change password in user control panel(Settings)